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Things To Know About The Hamilton Timepieces

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Hamilton is a synonym for the design, durability, and accuracy of wrist watches since they were first launched in 1892. Tons of Hamilton timepieces are sold for famous personalities like Hollywood stars up to World War Two’s fighter pilot. They are known to be experts when it comes to metropolitan and military-style.

They are known to originate in Switzerland, but they are manufactured in America. The company is known to unite sophistication with its technologies. They also include finely crafted movements for them to provide some of the very first accurate watches in the world. Hamilton is known to be an expert in keeping up with our times.

Are The Hamilton Timepieces Worth It To Collect?

Hamilton Watches are indeed a great choice for first-time collectors and even watch enthusiasts. Their Classic Military collection included in this collection are the Khaki Navy and the Khaki Aviation; they are both reworked to provide a watch that will fit into our modern world.

The company has preserved its excellence in creating watches that come with excellent functionality and hard-wearing styles. Watch collectors always request these timepieces. There are also rare Hamilton clocks that are requested.

What Movement Does A Hamilton Clock Has

Because of their Swiss roots, the Hamilton brand always uses luxurious Swiss ETA movements for their watches. All are tested in time, and they are also subject to quality control measures. ETA movements are known to be famous for other luxurious brand companies. Hamilton uses Automatic, Mechanical, and Quartz ETA movements.

The Different Collection Of The Hamilton Timepieces

As of now, the Hamilton company has over seven different primary collections. They all incorporate the heritage and even the spirit of the Hamiltons history in watchmaking. They also offer designs that are modern and classic for their dial layouts. Below is the guide we have for you about the Hamilton collections.

Khaki Aviation Collection

The Khaki Aviation collection of the Hamilton is the most classic choice you will want to have. It originated from Hamilton’s 1918 pioneering aviation gear. It was designed to keep the airborne system of the United States running on time. Now, this collection is the perfect match for the Pilots out there.

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Khaki Field Collection

One of the militaries used in Hamilton’s collections is the Khaki Field; the timepieces from World War One inspired it. Khaki Field was one of the most sought timepieces for American soldiers in 1914. This was the mark of a new production of wristwatches from pocket watches.

When World War Two started, they requested tons of foot soldiers, and Hamilton stood up. They have then shifted their manufacturing from creating models for consumers into a complete focus on the military. The Hamilton watches didn’t just guide people safely on the battlefield, but they also developed their watches for the market in modern times.

Ventura Collection

The Ventura collection of Hamilton was popular in 1961; when the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley’s favorite watch was one of this collection. This is the collection of timepieces that are distinctive because of the triangular face and comes with electrical movement.

They used a much more developed design from the model in 1957, the original Ventura. The Ventura Quartz is powered by a battery with a material that is stainless steel. It also uses a bracelet that is calf leather, and it perfectly blends with the watch. These models are both available for men and women.

Jazzmaster Collection

The Jazzmaster collection is known to be a perfect combination of contemporary and craftsmanship that is fine. It also comes with a plethora of the traditional tested time touches and innovations that are daring.

The AutoChrono of the Jazzmaster is the perfect blend of the new and old, it is known to be a men’s watch that is sophisticated, and it can be a perfect fit for the modern world. It uses a movement that is automatic and comes with a power reserve that is 60 hours. This can be a perfect watch for your weekend getaway.


More collections from the Hamilton company offer tons of different models that you will surely love. The collections are just the guide for you to ensure where you perfectly fit when it comes to timepieces and ensure that the timepieces you choose fit the profession or occasion or use it.

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