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IPhone Without Ports Could Be A Reality In A Year

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IPhones more and more voices speak of the firm commitment of the Apple company for an iPhone without ports, a terminal that would not have any type of external connection, and that would be the first in its style and genesis, and that very likely would completely revolutionize the current conception of the connections in the rest of terminals and commercial devices.

The news has been made public through a post on Fudge’s Twitter account, which on other occasions was ahead with some precision to Apple’s launches, as was the case with the iPhone 12‌ Pro and the LiDAR scanner, long before going on the market. And although this news must always be received with some caution, there is no doubt that if this were the case, the company would take a giant step in its creative production of new devices and connection methods.

Americans would be the date chosen by the technological multinational for the launch of its new generation of iPhones, which would have a Lightning port to carry out the terminal loads and also to transfer data, assuming the disappearance of the current USB-C, probably forever, as it would not be necessary in this case.

The source also points out that Apple has explored the possibility of an iPhone 12 that would have a USB-C port, but they have finally ruled out this option and it has not even reached the production phase. This supposes an overtaking on the right of the Lightning port, which surely has come to stay, and that will be implementing improvements in the coming times.

2021 seems the year chosen for the paradigm shift in Apple’s terminal and device connections, as the iPhone 13 is also expected to lack external connectors. 2021 seems the year chosen for this paradigm shift in connections to Apple terminals and devices since the iPhone 13 is also expected to lack external connectors, and to carry out its charges wirelessly in addition to counting for transfers data with a Smart Connector system that will not have a port and will allow reliable and stable data synchronization and sending.

Apple would thus, although it does not seem a priori, radically change the commercial scenario of devices, apart from ending the concepts hitherto standardized about the forms of connection, to load and perform data transfer between terminals and interconnected devices. An attractive bet, which if it turns out well, will be the start of a new future for connections.

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