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The Otaku Promenade: Enjoy Quarantine With These Anime Streaming Sites

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Staying isolated and quarantined can sometimes affect our mental health in ways that we usually don’t notice right away. People are easily irritated, fear manifests, and stress levels are elevated. Luckily, if you’re anyone who loves to watch anime, then these free streaming sites might be what you need to alleviate boredom at home.

These are a collection of the best websites that release the world-famous Japanese anime culture for free or subscription. We’ve narrowed down the ideal website for every customer type, so you don’t have to worry about not finding the best choice for your needs.

Have you ever seen one of those old animated music videos on Youtube that were fan-made? If you have, chances are, most of them came from as they are a pioneering name when talking about anime sites in the industry. has an extensive collection of popular anime from various eras and offers its content to the public free of charge for download.

Shana Project

Shana Project is one of those websites that don’t beat around the bush and offer visitors a quick and easy download anime. All your favorites from the 90s, 2000s, and 2010s are provided there as well as some upcoming titles as well. If you can’t read Japanese characters, you’re in luck as Shana Project uploads episodes directly from renowned translators.

Are you someone looking to brush up on your Japanese? Then is a great way to learn and memorize your lessons as they have a great collection of famous and indie titles. They also include Japan-certified original content that has raw video and no subtitles if you can understand Japanese.


Chia-anime is one of the older websites that have stayed relevant despite streaming sites having increased government scrutiny and review from the Japanese. Anime and manga are both available on the website, and with their simple and intuitive interface, browsing should be a breeze even for first-timers.

Everything is entirely free, but there might be a few pop-ups and advertisements as you navigate through their website. You won’t encounter any malicious content as long as you exercise caution. They have active staff who work tirelessly to maintain the website to experience hassle-free streaming.


AnimeUltima might have the most extensive library of titles in its database. With a fantastic feature that enables users to fine-tune their search radius to a specific genre or anime, we can see why it is one of the top anime streaming sites. Famous anime movies are also updated regularly, making them one of the more reliable sources for newer content.

Adult Swim

There are many names in the anime streaming industry that warm the hearts of many when mentioned, and Adult Swim is one of the veterans in the community. Toonami was an excellent late-night series that everyone loved, and Adult Swim took notice of that.

Adult Swim lets users revisit all their favorite Toonami shows as a child and adds quite a few anime titles as well. It focuses more on classic genres, but the website’s beauty is simple, straight to the point, and gives users exactly what they want.


Another large anime database is found on Animeshow where their comprehensive library of well-known and classic titles is unmatched. A near-endless amount of categories exist for anyone searching for a one-stop-shop website that has it all. If you spend some time navigating through their website, then you’ll surely be able to find what you’re looking for in minutes.


Animated shows and the expansion of the Japanese culture outward into the world have opened many ways that developers and programmers can help the community experience the genre. Anime streaming sites have been around for quite some time, and the sheer number of new websites being created every day can be quite overwhelming. We hope this list can help you find the perfect one!