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123 Movies Website: Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using The Website, 123 Movies!

By TrendsTechBlog , in ENTERTAINMENT , at October 17, 2020

123 Movies- Famous Portal To Watch Unlimited Movies:

As we all know that because of this ongoing pandemic, Coronavirus, people are sitting at home because of lockdown for many months now, and they are burning their time by watching movies and their favorite shows. Especially at this time, the online websites to watch movies like are being used a lot as the cinemas are closed as well so to watch their favorite movies, people have been spending most of the time on these sites.

123 Movies- Famous Portal To Watch Unlimited Movies:

The usage of these sites was very common even before Coronavirus, the only thing is that it has increased even more than before. People usually watch movies on apps like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. that require a monthly subscription and are totally legal but unfortunately many people are seeking websites that do not require any subscription or money to watch movies but these sites are illegal as they are leaking pirated versions of original movies without a consent.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Watching Movies On 123 Movies:

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Watching Movies On 123 Movies:

The most used illegal website for watching movies of different genres from all industries like Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood, and others, 123 movies is on top of the list which has been banned by the government, but they are still leaking movies on their other cloned hyperlinks. People are following it the most, as it gives them access to their favorite movies for free. There are a few good things about this website, but it has many drawbacks as well.


Download Movies For Free With Minimum Usage Of Data:

The best feature of this website is that you can watch all types of movies without any subscription or money and you can also download the movie or show you want to watch for free with the minimum usage of data, and in that period you can watch or do other activities.

Watch Movies Offline For Free:

Later on, you can watch the downloaded movie offline without even spending a dime on it and that too in an HD quality. For that, it requires no data usage, only needs data to download the desired movie.

No Paid Subscription:

As we all know, there are many apps and websites that ask for a paid subscription in order to let you watch or download your favorite movie, 123 movies don’t ask for any such subscription on money and allow you to download, and watch movies of your choice for free.

Download And Watch Movies For Free:

As we discussed above, the biggest advantage is that unlike other websites, 123 movies allow you to watch, and download movies for free and do not require a paid subscription, also it has a wide variety of movies to choose from.


Risk Of Personal Details Being Leaked Or Stolen:

Along with all the advantages, there are many serious disadvantages of using this website, one of which is that when you are using 123 movies or any other similar website to watch movies, there is a high risk of your personal details getting leaked or stolen so, you have to be very vigilant while using it because most of these sites are illegal.

Probability Of A Virus to Invade Your System or Device:

Another major drawback of using 123 movies is that due to its illegal and unauthorized nature, it can introduce your respective device to a virus that can damage your system while downloading or watching a movie.

The Movie Quality Can Be Compromised Due To Poor Data Connection:

Though it has many movies in HD quality, there are many chances that the movies you are downloading or watching online can be of bad quality because of your bad internet connection, and because the site is not authorized and doesn’t have original content.

A Lot Of Advertisements:

Apart from its many great features, it also has many cons. One of which is, there are a lot of advertisements disturbing the viewers and it can also compromise the speed of watching or downloading movies.

Illegal Website With Pirated Movies:

The biggest setback of 123 movies website is that it is illegal and is not authorized, and is on top of the list of websites that leak pirated movies, which is a crime. People using it can face many issues because of that as mentioned above, it can compromise your personal information, your device functioning due to a virus, and much more.


Keeping in mind the above-mentioned facts, 123 movies is one of the most popular websites to watch movies online for free and has many other advantages, but it has a lot of disadvantages too which people should keep in mind before using it.