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A Cultural Heritage: Japanese Anime And The Best Places To Stream It Online

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Japan is a beautiful country with a rich and unique culture that spans thousands of years without changing too much. The country is why animated shows are so popular today, and without anime from Japan, most millennials’ childhood experiences would have been dull and boring.

Streaming anime online is nothing new, and the power of the internet is shining ever so brightly with the emergence of platforms to watch anime outside of Japan. The community wouldn’t be this supportive of the Japanese heritage if not for these websites. That is why we are here to recommend some of the best places on the internet to watch your favorite anime shows.


A multi-billion dollar company like Netflix has been serving visual content to the masses for a long time. With the addition of animated shows, the platform has become a potential choice to watch anime online. Subscribing to Netflix gives viewers all the necessary capabilities to make their streaming experience as high-quality as it can be.

Netflix even allows for different language dubbing and subtitles for most of the well-known translated languages. The offline download and watch feature is also great for those who have a dedicated storage drive for their Netflix application, making a whole series of animes available without relying on the internet.


If Netflix is the Jack of all trades in streaming platforms, then Crunchyroll is the Ace of anime websites as it was created for the sole purpose of distributing paid anime content for loyal subscribers. Some anime titles tend to release episodes a week later than usual, but that’s okay as long as you get to watch your favorite shows in high definition.

Offline consumption of anime content is also possible as long as you’re appropriately subscribed for it. The company offers a 14-day trial for potential subscribers, so if you want to give their platform a try, this should pique your interest in visiting the domain.


Funimation is the go-to choice for people who prefer English-dubbed anime shows instead of the original Japanese voice actors. The company has a very reputable background, responsible for bringing the legendary “Dragonball” series to the United States. This was an extraordinary milestone for fans in the west as watching anime then was close to impossible.


Hulu is a multi-genre streaming platform that offers various shows, including anime series, movies, and trailers. Classic and newer titles alike can be found in their library, and with a cheaper subscription fee than their competitors, Hulu is highly recommended.


Fans created VRV for supporters and enthusiasts of different genres in anime, cartoons, and gaming. The company aims to piece together the puzzle that separates these genres by offering a more flexible subscription allowing an entire household to use the same family account. Crunchyroll also distributes content on VRV, so you won’t have any problem finding your preferences here and there.


An unexpected combination of anime and Star Trek can be found in CONtv, and if you’re fans of both of those worlds, then the website is definitely for you. It doesn’t have the largest selection of titles, but the present is also highly rated shows. They have a relatively cheap subscription fee, but the limited library may discourage users who want a more diverse pool of choices.


Whatever your reason for wanting to stream anime, these platforms are there to help by making it easier to watch your favorite shows. Subscription-based streaming platforms also tend to be better than free websites as they have a more significant security budget and a good development team to make their interface better. The time to choose your next anime show provider is now!