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What Is WhatsApp Shopping And How To Apply It To Your E-commerce

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WhatsApp is among the most popular instant messaging applications thanks to its more than 2 billion users. For this reason, many brands have it as a communication channel with customers, known as WhatsApp Business. Now this app, which is available for all operating systems, also wants to become a kind of e-commerce with WhatsApp Shopping functionality.

What Is WhatsApp Shopping

WhatsApp Shopping is a functionality available in WhatsApp Business that helps companies share their product inventory with customers, who can buy them quickly, easily, and efficiently. In other words, through WhatsApp Shopping, you can create a catalog with products and services so that customers can easily find what they are looking for.

Through this functionality, you can have a WhatsApp catalog where each item will have a title and the information the brand wants to provide, such as price, description, link to the website, and product code. In addition to making The catalog, all this is much more accessible to customers, making it possible for them to buy or reserve products or services while chatting with the company.

How To Create Your Store In Whatsapp Step By Step

To create a store in WhatsApp, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

1. Create A Collection or Catalog

To create a collection or catalog, WhatsApp Business must be opened on the computer and click on the plus icon, where the Catalog option will appear. Then you must click on Add a new collection and choose a name. Next, you must select the items from the catalog that will be included in that collection and click on the green tick icon. Before the collection is published, WhatsApp will check that everything is correct within a period that is usually around 24 hours.

2. Reorder The Collection List

It can be reordered when the collection is approved and published and if other collections are already created and published. To do so, click on More > Catalog > More > Collections > More > Reorder. Then, by keeping the = icon pressed, you can drag the collection to the place in the list that corresponds to it. And finally, you must click on Save.

3. Add A Product or Service To The Catalog

If you want to add a new product or service to an already created catalog, you must click More > Catalog > Add a new item. Then you must click on Add images to upload up to 10 photographs of the product in question. You must also enter the name of the product and those details that are important to the customer, such as the price, description, or link to the website, among others. You always have to think that the more information the client has, the better. And finally, you must click on Add to catalog.

4. Manage A Collection

It is important to keep the collections and the products that compose them up-to-date information. In addition, articles can be added and removed at any time. In this case, it would be enough to go to More > Catalog > More > Collections. All the options will appear that allows you to reorder products, add or remove articles, change the same collection’s name, or even completely delete a collection if it, for whatever reason, will no longer be available. Having a WhatsApp Shop is generally very simple since the only requirement is to have a WhatsApp Business, and the steps that must be taken are quite intuitive.

Advantages Of Creating Your WhatsApp Shop

There are many advantages for a brand to have WhatsApp Business and use the WhatsApp Shopping functionality. One of these advantages is that it makes the product catalog accessible to customers, who can browse it, discover the products and services and obtain information about them. Of course, keeping the product catalog consistent is important since WhatsApp is not a web page and could be cumbersome for the user.

Through this application, you can also save predefined answers to answer frequently asked questions from customers. This is a useful functionality to offer good customer service without spending too many resources. WhatsApp Business allows customers to be classified using labels, so broadcast lists can be created so that users with a certain profile receive information that may be of interest.

In addition to these advantages, it has been found that those brands that use WhatsApp Shop have increased sales. This is mainly because the store is, at the same time, a chat room, which creates a much closer and more personal relationship with the customer, something that is valued more and more positively.

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