Friday, November 10, 2023
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Signs You’re Obsessed With Technology

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When meeting friends, instead of making eye contact throughout the meeting, you can’t take your eyes off the screen. Do you spend all your free time with your gadgets and panic if you even forget one at home? Do you constantly read about new technologies? It looks like you and your gadgets aren’t just friends. Here are seven signs you’re a real tech geek.

You know how to use any gadget, even if you’ve never used it. Your office at work has a separate IT department, but your colleagues do not turn to them, but to you, because you always know how to solve any problem with their gadgets, you get great satisfaction from it and do it quickly.

You buy all possible accessories for gadgets. As soon as a new product appears in the market, you will be one of the first to place an order because you will feel very uncomfortable if you miss a single update for your gadgets.

You are always online. Whenever friends write to you, you respond instantly. Your friends may even wonder if you sleep at all. Even when you sleep, you may see new technologies, social networks, and gadgets in your dreams.

You talk about technology all the time. Some friends argue about politics or the economy while you and your loved ones constantly discuss which antivirus software is better to use on your computer or discuss new iPhone reviews on YouTube. Besides, as for YouTube, you are mostly subscribed to channels dedicated to new gadgets and technologies.

Most likely, you suffer from relentless gadget acquisition syndrome. It’s the feeling that you should only have the latest and greatest at your fingertips. You love the thrill of buying a new gadget, and you constantly try to justify the cost of novelty.

You are registered on many sites. You have lost track of how many online accounts you have opened on websites, and you need help remembering passwords and usernames because you have so many.

The question people ask you the most when looking at your gadgets is, “Is this new?” or “What is it?” This brings you great satisfaction because you feel special and consider yourself part of an exclusive group of geeks. You love how your gadgets can impress people and start conversations about technology.

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