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Managed threat response (MTR) services are becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes. With the rise of cybercrime and data breaches, it is more important than ever to have an effective security strategy in place. SOPHOS Managed Threat Response is a service that offers 24/7 threat detection and response, helping businesses to stay ahead of potential threats.

Have you ever thought about how crucial it is to have a reliable and effective managed threat response provider? With the increasing number of cyber threats and attacks, having a managed threat response provider is becoming more and more important to ensure the safety of your business. This is where SKYNET Assist comes in, as a trusted partner for Sophos managed threat response.

Benefits of Using SKYNET Assist’s Managed Threat Response Services

  • 24/7 threat detection and response
  • Access to a team of experts
  • Increased efficiency and reduced downtime
  • Cost-effective solution compared to building an in-house security team
  • Compliance with industry regulations and standards

How to Implement SOPHOS Managed Threat Response Services In Your Business Network?

Before deploying the SOPHOS Managed Threat Response Services, it’s important to understand your network infrastructure and environment. This includes identifying potential vulnerabilities and threats, as well as mapping out your network architecture. Once our team has identified your security requirements and understands your network infrastructure, we will deploy the managed threat response solutions. Our expert team will install the necessary software and configure the service to meet your specific business security needs. 

Our Dedicated Support To Manage Your System’s Security

SKYNET Assist is a managed security service provider that offers advanced security solutions to help businesses secure their IT infrastructure. Our services are comprehensive and customizable, tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of your business. You can implement our service and enjoy the benefits of 24/7 threat detection and response, access to a team of telecom experts, increased efficiency, and compliance in your business with industry regulations and standards. 

We leverage the capabilities of Sophos to detect and respond to threats in real-time while providing additional support and guidance to ensure that your business is fully protected. Don’t wait until it’s too late – invest in SKYNET Assist’s SOPHOS Managed Threat Response Services today.

Why SKYNET Assist As Your SOPHOS Consultants?

We offer SOPHOS managed threat response solutions and recommendations to help you migrate and manage identified risks. Our team will work with you to create a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that addresses all aspects of your IT infrastructure and systems. We use advanced technology and a team of experts to monitor networks and respond to threats in real-time.

SKYNET Assist is a reliable and effective managed threat response provider that offers advanced security solutions to help businesses secure their IT infrastructure. As a partner of Sophos managed threat response, they provide an added layer of support, expertise, and guidance. With 24/7 monitoring and alerting, rapid response to security breaches, and customizable solutions, SKYNET Assist is the perfect choice for businesses looking to enhance their cybersecurity.

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4 Tips for Choosing Your CPaaS Provider Mon, 05 Sep 2022 16:03:10 +0000 As the world becomes digital, customers expect to communicate with brands and businesses through whatever contact channel is convenient. These...

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As the world becomes digital, customers expect to communicate with brands and businesses through whatever contact channel is convenient. These customer expectations have led to the increased popularity of communications platform as a service (CPaaS).

CPaaS solutions enable companies to configure their real-time communication API, including SMS, whatsapp messaging, voice, video, and automated emails, on a single platform without the need to build a backend infrastructure. However, with the numerous CPaaS providers, choosing a company that meets your needs is critical. In this article, we highlight four tips for selecting a CPaaS provider to improve your customer’s experiences and streamline operations.

Consider the provider’s API selection

The first thing you should consider when choosing a CPaaS provider is the type of APIs they offer. APIs enable you to embed any kind of communication technology  into your current tools and platforms. Do not solely consider your current business needs when determining a provider with the correct API selection; instead, prioritize the future.

While a provider who only provides online chat and SMS API may be convenient for you right now, your customers may demand voice and video in the future. For this reason, you should consider choosing a CPaaS company with a broad range of APIs that span all communication channels. This helps you avoid spending more time and money to switch providers as the customer demands evolve and your business expands to get the functionality your company needs.

Hire a provider with excellent customer support and community

CPaaS solutions enable you to transform your brand’s communication stack via APIs. However, for a CPaaS solution to provide innovative experiences and tools, it requires a dedicated developers community to offer feedback and additional tools. This allows faster access to the innovative tech the brand may need in future communication. 

A CPaaS provider with a reliable and experienced developer community and support also enables you to receive help in case of issues with the CPaaS system or API functionality. The developers could even share insights to help you overcome common problems with your CPaaS on your own to save time and money. To choose a provider with a reliable community and support, you should:

  • Check the provider’s user forums and community to determine how they support their customer base
  • Take a look at the CPaaS’ company’s processes for updates and fixes, response time, and contact options

Consider security and data privacy

With the increase in cybercrimes and fraud, it is essential to prioritize data privacy and security.  This boosts credibility and protects your company from legal implications and paying hefty penalties. 

Choose a CPaaS provider compliant with SOC2, GDPR, and ISO 27001 requirements to enhance data privacy and security. If you run a healthcare facility, you should ensure the provider is also HIPAA compliant. A CPaaS company that provides an infrastructure audit done by a third party should be top of your list. Other anti-fraud policies your chosen provider should have include:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • DDoS mitigation strategies
  • Developer support

Compare pricing

Before commiting, consider comparing the prices of different CPaaS providers to get the best deal. You could also ask about discounts, especially when you intend to pay for a year’s service in advance. Be sure to also request for a free trial to test features before paying to ensure you get the full value for your money.


Choosing the best CPaaS provider is critical to ensuring you pay for a platform with features and functionalities tailored to your business demands. Be sure to consider the APIs selection, developer community and support, data privacy and security, and compare pricing to zero in on the best CPaaS provider.

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ID11 Cyber Threat Actors Branch Out to New Forms of Extortion Wed, 31 Aug 2022 03:04:09 +0000 Cybercriminals continue to target hard-working businesses at any opportune moment with an increasingly complex patchwork quilt of attack vectors. Following...

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Cybercriminals continue to target hard-working businesses at any opportune moment with an increasingly complex patchwork quilt of attack vectors. Following the latest trend in low-risk, high-profit extortion, DDoS attacks are now regularly being combined with ransom attacks. What is RDDoS and how can you protect yourself against this growing threat?

Ransomware: The King of Ransom

The concept of taking sensitive data hostage is quite old. The original ransomware – dubbed the AIDS trojan – cropped up in 1989, as its creator distributed a floppy disk at the World AIDS convention. Claiming to include information on the titular virus, the disk instead contained a payload that would first count the number of boot cycles, then – upon the number hitting 90 – proceeded to encrypt system files with a simple encryption method. To have their files decrypted, victims were told to send to an address in Panama. Thankfully, the encryption was fairly simple, and decryption programs were soon commercially available. 

Ransomware attacks did not hit their stride until well into the 2000s. This was partially due to a lack of suitably anonymous payment. By the time Bitcoin hit the scene in 2010, encryption technology had advanced to an almost irreversible state. Military-grade encryption is now easily available for the aspiring criminal, and the rapid adoption of cryptocurrency perfectly set the stage for major ransom attacks. 

Individuals and businesses the world over were totally unprepared for the explosion of CryptoLocker in 2013. This brand-new breed of ransomware made use of cryptography key pairs, generated from a command-and-control server, making sure victims had no way out unless they sent the ransom of $300. 

The Rise of Encryption-Free Ransom

Ransomware’s sheer profitability predicted its meteoric rise in popularity. A key component to the ransom process is removing the target’s control over their data via encryption. Increasingly, however, cybercriminals have achieved this through remote data theft. Part of the success of this technique relies upon the spiraling cost of data breaches: the average cost of which has already increased by 2.6% this year, from $4.24 million in 2021 to $4.35 million now.

The number of ransom attacks that are veering away from encryption shows that cybercriminals are rapidly exploring an easier, less demanding form of ransom. By exfiltrating unencrypted data, and threatening to leak it publicly, the legibility of the data means a company must make the choice between paying the ransom and letting their customers’ data be publicly leaked and sold to other criminals.

Karakurt is a new extortion gang that relies purely on these unencrypted ransoms. With victims’ losses as high as $13 million, the group attacks indiscriminately. Karakurt attackers will steal sensitive data including security numbers, email addresses, company blueprints, and more. Once they’ve stolen this data, they reach out to victims’ employees, business partners and clients, demanding the ransom to be paid. The threat of a data breach hanging heavy, many organizations cave to the incessant harassment and pressure to pay up.

Ransom Distributed Denial of Service (RDDoS) attacks heighten the stakes even further: the business is not offered a choice between paying the ransom or suffering a data breach. Instead, the business must pay extortionate fees to simply remain online. RDDoS groups extort victims via large scale DDoS attacks that are even easier to pull off than data exfiltration attacks. Requiring absolutely no access to company systems, and with operational botnets plentiful on underground marketplaces, it is now easier than ever to commit high-profit extortion attacks on unsuspecting victims. Consider the fact that DDoS attacks cost US businesses an average of $218,000 per attack: any ransom priced below this presents a genuinely tempting option. 

Attackers may launch DDoS attacks first, then send a ransom note later – lazy criminals may opt for a note first. It is never wise to assume the latter is telling the truth, as opportunistic scammers are more than happy to profit off the technical capabilities of real cybercriminals. 

The RDDoS Hit List Grows

RDDoS attacks hit the scene in 2020, and rapidly made waves. The New Zealand stock exchange battled multiple instances as their network service provider was struck from overseas. This greatly impacted NZX connectivity, causing a complete halt in the cash trading markets by mid-afternoon. 

A second attack proceeded to bring down the NZX’s website, their announcement platform, the NZX debt and Fonterra shareholders’ markets. For this time, many organizations and individuals were unable to participate in the market. Connection was restored four hours later, once the attack had ended and connection was finally re-established.

An active DDoS attack can be incredibly alarming to both customers and organizations alike. Whilst it’s unclear whether the NZX decided to pay up for the ransom or mitigate the attackers’ attempts, a growing number of cybercrime gangs are simply opting for the easy way out. This perfectly describes the so-called Armada Collective. This group follows a very recognizable set of steps.

First, they find a company – any will do, though the bigger and more public-focused, the better. They then reach out to any email address available, with a highly alarming message.

Introducing themselves as the Armada Collective, the email explains how the victim’s network will be DDoS-ed, starting at a specified date in the very near future – unless the company pays a fee of 10 Bitcoin. 

The gang then proceed to detail how – if the 10 BTC is not paid by the set date – a DDoS campaign will begin, and the fee to make it stop will rise to 20 BTC, then continue to rise by another 10 BTC for every day that the attack continues. 

The gang signs off by telling their victims not to respond: simply that they will know when they have been paid. The email details the Bitcoin wallet address, and reassures the reader that the payment is totally anonymous. This is correct – and also shows the holes in the attackers’ gameplan. As the payment is anonymous, it is, in fact, impossible to tell who has paid the extortion fee. This is supported by the fact that Armada Collective has actually never followed through with their DDoS threats – regardless of whether the fee is paid or not.  Despite the group’s lack of true damage, an analysis of their listed Bitcoin wallet address revealed a shocking number of victims. Many victims have paid the ransom fee out of fear.

How to Protect Yourself From RDDoS

DDoS threats are originating from increasing numbers of cyber gangs. Fancy Bear, Cozy Bear and Lazarus Group are all organizations of concern, and the only way to nullify their power over your organization is a solid form of DDoS mitigation. 

DDoS mitigation defends against volume attacks on your servers and networks. Automatically detecting traffic from malicious IP addresses, the fraudulent connections are diverted away from your server before the site request has initiated. This way, your server is not crushed under the weight of a million-strong botnet, and legitimate customers are still allowed access to your page. Pull the rug from under profit-seeking criminal gangs, and keep your brand online with a comprehensive DDoS defense.

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How To Make Your Home’s Entrance Securer Thu, 18 Aug 2022 04:22:57 +0000 Ensuring the security of living space is an important responsibility. Due to the long list of things you must keep...

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Ensuring the security of living space is an important responsibility. Due to the long list of things you must keep in mind, the process can often become overwhelming. One of the first tasks a homeowner has when moving into a new place is finding a way to create an affordable and efficient security system for their homes in a strategic and organized way.

When dealing with home security in the initial stages, it’s always best to start with an area that is generally recognized as vulnerable. Your home has many entrances that can provide anyone with direct access to your living space unless you secure them properly, something that must be avoided at all costs.

The front door is your home’s main entrance, making it the most exposed to a myriad of external threats. Fortunately, however, there are many precautions you can take to prevent them. The following are some easy ways to make a home’s entrances secure.

Make It Brighter

While many homeowners may not realize this, adequate lighting can drastically change the visual and environmental impact of your home. A bright home not only looks good, but it can also make your feel more energetic. This is also an excellent way to improve security, and can especially be implemented around the entrance for a safer experience when answering the door during late hours.

To make sure your front entrance is perfectly illuminated regardless of the time of day, you must find effective ways to increase visibility through various lighting methods. One major advantage is that you will have access to sunlight for most of the day, so artificial lighting won’t be the dominant source. For nighttime, you can even get solar-powered LED lights to light up the porch with no effort. While LED bulbs are also a great option, solar-powered lights will switch on automatically as it gets dark outside, which is obviously an added advantage.

Remove Obstructions

Something that can potentially make your home more vulnerable to burglaries or break-ins is too many objects obstructing your view of the outdoor area. Many homes tend to have a lot of outdoor décors. While this may look attractive, it often blocks your vision through the doors and windows, which increases the number of hiding places around your home. The best way to deal with this is by keeping the outdoor décor minimal.

Objects that could get in the way in this case are trees, vehicles, bushes, and even swing sets. Any piece of garden equipment or furniture that may be placed too close to the window should be moved further away to keep your view clear so that you can quickly spot any suspicious activity while you’re still inside. This can make your home a lot safer since a lot of homeowners cannot afford surveillance gadgets to keep an eye on things 24/7.

Video Doorbell

A video doorbell is one of the most helpful smart gadgets for any home due to its many versatile features. This is the perfect front door security gadget if you want to maximize visibility and have constant monitoring of your home’s front entrance. With a video doorbell, you can not only see but also communicate with visitors using built-in two-way communication tools.

A video doorbell helps you keep track of all visitors and packages regardless of the time of day. You will never have an important package stolen, and the neighbors’ kids won’t be able to damage your property since you can view any missed activity through free recorded footage as well.

This gadget can help give you peace of mind regarding home security and is a user-friendlier alternative to security cameras. It can even be used easily by elders or disabled people since it requires little to no mobility.

Gain Control of Access

A good gadget to pair with your video doorbell would be a smart lock. A smart lock is a device that helps you keep track of who enters and leaves your home. You will be notified when the door is locked or unlocked, and combined with a video doorbell, this can make an almost impenetrable barrier for your home. Every homeowner wants full authority over who can have access to their living space and this is easily one of the best ways to gain full control.

One thing to remember when it comes to front door security is that keys should be avoided if possible. Keys can make your home less secure due to how easy they are to misplace. Anyone can use a regular key to enter your home, and a smart lock eliminates the need to use it.

Keeping it digital will give you and your friends and relatives a much safer option to access your home. If you’re on a budget, getting your smart lock on Black Friday may be a good idea.


When looking to improve home security, you want to select an approach that will take minimal effort and produce the best results. Front door security can not only help you kick start smart home automation, but it’s also a good way to add value to your home.

If there’s one thing you can invest well in, it should ideally be home security. Thorough front door security can easily be achieved with a few basic gadgets and can give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your family and valuables in the long run.

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Advantages Of Cloud-Native PAM Solutions Fri, 12 Aug 2022 04:35:33 +0000 Traditional privileged access management (PAM) solutions tend to be still very manual when it comes to managing user access and...

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Traditional privileged access management (PAM) solutions tend to be still very manual when it comes to managing user access and permissions. Because they are geared towards a human administrator or designed for the data center, they are unsuitable for complex and dynamic infrastructures hosted in the cloud. Executing large-scale cloud transformation initiatives that require a modern PAM approach with automated and contextual access controls cannot be accomplished with traditional, admin-centric, manual privileged access management solutions. With the increasing shift to the cloud, organizations need to redefine their PAM approach to continue to effectively manage and secure access to the cloud and the workloads that reside there.

1. Smooth And Lossless Implementation Thanks To Extensive Integrations

Moving traditional PAM products to virtual machines in the cloud does not change the underlying architecture. Still, it requires a modern PAM-as-a-Service solution that can reduce the complexity of the cloud with cloud-native security controls. This is all the more important as the infrastructure in companies is constantly evolving and growing. New projects take place in the private cloud and public or virtual private clouds – each with its workloads with the same or different cloud providers.

A cloud-enabled platform can quickly integrate these into the existing PAM ecosystem with centralized policy management and fast access and authorization controls. Investing in a solution specially developed for hybrid IT models can quickly grow with the company makes sense. Contrary to what is sometimes assumed, using a new PAM solution does not have to mean that previous technology investments have become obsolete. Instead, a modern solution provides the necessary integrations with leading IT service management software to continue to benefit from legacy investments.

2. Greater Usability

One of the main reasons for the complete failure or annoying delays in implementing PAM projects is a poor user experience. If solutions are too complex to provide and operate, or if they mean additional time and resource-intensive work for the workforce, they will find it difficult to accept them. Corporate security ultimately suffers from this user-unfriendliness because employees will try to circumvent complex, user-unfriendly access controls. Modern SaaS PAM solutions are therefore characterized by uncomplicated deployment and automatic updates.

Also, they offer a holistic identity security platform for all applications and systems that can be easily accessed from anywhere. In this way, companies avoid a complicated and lengthy IT project to deploy PAM software and supporting infrastructure on-site and benefit from seamless access control. Because access to privileged accounts and data can be granted with maximum speed and accuracy according to a least-privilege principle, without interrupting work processes and restricting user productivity. Are IT teams able to

3. Increased Operational Efficiency

The management of authorizations in the cloud is a significant challenge simply because of its enormous scope. In addition, defining access policies, managing the access lifecycle, and auditing all privileged access in a multi-cloud environment is not easy. This complexity often leads to security gaps that play into the hands of cyber attackers.

With this in mind, organizations must rely on a PAM that allows them to centralize management of access control policies and provides a single user interface for access to all managed resources. This is the only way for IT and security teams to quickly access various accounts and manage access rights to streamline day-to-day operations and quickly address time-sensitive operations such as cyberattacks. The efficiency of controlling access to business-critical workloads in the cloud can thus be sustainably increased.

4. Fraud-Proof Of Identity Thanks To Adaptive MFA

To ensure robust, fraud-proof proof of identity, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is now essential. However, traditional MFA approaches relying solely on static and manually maintained rules fail because they never cover all requirements. Instead, the static approach forces each user to follow similar rules under all circumstances but does not allow for accurate measurement of risk.

Cloud-enabled PAM solutions support risk-based MFA by leveraging modern machine learning algorithms and behavioral analytics. This way, privileged behavior, i.e., everyday actions and tasks usually carried out within the system, is carefully analyzed, and abnormal or potentially harmful activities are identified simultaneously. An effective adaptive authentication method is device-, location- and user-behavior-dependent and adapts to the respective risk level, unlike one-size-fits-all standard authentications.

5. Simplified Proof Of Compliance Thanks To Continuous Monitoring

Security and compliance requirements apply equally to human and machine identities in the cloud and on-premises. However, compliance with them often poses challenges for those responsible. To consistently enforce access policies across the hybrid infrastructure, avoiding security breaches and thus being compliant, it is advisable to implement a proactive approach to identity management. In particular, this means not assuming that the cloud provider’s standard security controls fully protect the data in the cloud and help meet specific compliance requirements or legal regulations.

This is where compliance officers benefit from PAM solutions that ensure authenticated users have just-in-time access to critical data, servers, and applications and also offer end-to-end monitoring and reporting to quickly identify abuse of permissions to recognize and quickly repel attacks. Compliance can be demonstrated with a detailed audit log and video recordings capturing all privileged activities and meeting cyber insurance requirements.

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Professional Services To Maintain Security In The Company Fri, 24 Jun 2022 04:57:27 +0000 Cybercriminals do not rest and continually look for cracks in the enterprise IT infrastructure to launch cyberattacks. That is why...

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Cybercriminals do not rest and continually look for cracks in the enterprise IT infrastructure to launch cyberattacks. That is why it is a good opportunity to hire professional services through the nextgen funds to maintain security in the company and thus fill the gaps or lack of internal staff resources.

Many cybersecurity solutions based on cutting-edge technologies allow companies to advance in their fight against cyberthreats. We have reviewed many posts on this blog: antivirus, firewalls, antispyware, EDR, email protection, encryption, and endpoint management. But it is not enough to implement these products. Without a continuous review of its correct operation and the state of all the components that make up the company’s IT infrastructure, its scope will be small. That is why the Next Generation EU grants for SMEs, besides providing aid to deploy cybersecurity and secure communications products, include items to subsidize security maintenance services.

Cyber ​​Threats Vulnerable Points Of Companies

These Digital Kit aids for SMEs focused on managed security services revolve around three axes: the management of patches and updates, the vulnerability scanner, and the security maintenance itself.

With the digital bonus that covers these areas, it is intended to strengthen the capacities of organizations when it comes to guaranteeing the security of IT infrastructures since most do not have enough IT personnel, nor are they generally adequately trained in a field as complex and changing as security.

The prevention and remediation of cyberattacks begin with continuous monitoring and updating of the business technology environment to avoid situations like these that are open doors to cybercriminals:

  • Servers hosted in cloud environments without robust measures, with simple user-password accesses that are easy to attack.
  • Lack of protection of communications between offices by VPN.
  • Wi-Fi networks of clients and companies that use the same WAN.
  • Communication switches that lack management and support.
  • Servers and software for which the licenses are not found.
  • Carrying out backups without encryption functionality, with wrong configurations, environments without history, offline backups or disaster recovery plans, etc., breaches the RGPD.

Advantages Of Hiring Professional Cybersecurity Services

Opting for the European recovery funds for SMEs is a great opportunity to incorporate an external IT security management and maintenance service into the company that provides multiple advantages:

  • Optimization of work operations by consolidating the information in fully identified secure resources.
  • Securing the information that flows throughout the company’s IT infrastructure by protecting platforms and communications.
  • Increased availability levels of IT services.
  • Improvement of SLA levels in case of incidents.
  • Continuous support from a team of experts in different disciplines and technologies to apply effective prevention and detection solutions.
  • Development of awareness campaigns among users.
  • Creation of a secure teleworking system adapted to the current needs of companies.

Security Managed Services For Group Digital Kit

Digitizing agent for nextgen funds and offers SMEs the knowledge and experience of its certified IT staff to cover these areas of business security maintenance with the digital bonus:

  • Management of patches and updates. Both Microsoft and third-party software for servers and workstations.
  • Automation and scripting. It includes automation of tasks, massive changes and proactive tasks in response to events, and task programming based on custom scripts and tasks predefined by the platform. It allows the rapid and centralized deployment of both granular configurations and software, allowing the application of security measures on computers in any location with Internet access, which facilitates the almost immediate correction of vulnerabilities, as well as the installation of software.
  • Monitoring of the IT environment in real-time and remotely of all the devices: Sending alerts on the availability of devices, performance, security status, and backup.
    Performance Checks – Hardware and software health checks on workstations, servers, and network devices at multiple work locations.
    Hardware and Software Inventory: reporting to compare the software installed with the one purchased.
    Remote control: a small tool to equipment for support and maintenance.
  • Vulnerability scanner. Execution of a specific tool periodically and correction of any anomalies detected. Issuance of control reports.
  • Advice for the maintenance of security. Implement good security practices in systems according to manufacturers’ recommendations and security regulations. Application of policies according to regulatory compliance and information protection. Training in cybersecurity aimed at the management level.

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A Few Keys To Improving Your Online Security Wed, 01 Jun 2022 07:40:58 +0000 For several years now, the Internet has become an essential tool, whether for work or leisure. When we know that...

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For several years now, the Internet has become an essential tool, whether for work or leisure. When we know that 92% of people have an internet network at home and spend more than two hours a day on the web, we can begin to measure the extent of the digital world.

However, if we are used to protecting our business and our privacy in our daily lives, we all tend to neglect online security. However, there are simple solutions that will allow you to optimize your data protection, whether in the private or professional sphere. Here are some keys that will improve your security without spending hours on settings and other checks.

The VPN, The Fashionable Asset

You have undoubtedly already heard of the VPN, this protection system that allows you to change your computer’s “identity card.” If the best-known use is certainly to connect to streaming platforms abroad to obtain the catalog of that country, the first function of the VPN is above all related to security.

Going through one of the VPN servers like NordVPN creates a formidable digital barrier for hackers to cross. If an individual or a malicious program ever wishes to penetrate your computer, it will trace the IP address, this famous identity card. But, before arriving at yours, it will necessarily pass through the VPN server. As you can imagine, this type of server has much better protection than our home computers. The malicious program will therefore be annihilated even before reaching your computer.

Verification Platforms, A Valuable For Internet Users

If it is sometimes difficult to know if a site is safe or not, help does exist on the Internet. If you ever have any doubts before a purchase, it is a handy tool to verify the legitimacy of your interlocutor. In terms of investments, it is often necessary to favor large platforms that know how to provide after-sales service and an acceptable refund policy.

The same goes for your hobbies. The best-known streaming sites are the most likely not to infect your computer. For games, platforms also exist. Steam is, therefore, a must for all video game lovers. With keys that work every time and a quick refund in a problem or disappointment, it’s a must-have.

Antiviruses Are A Tool Sometimes Neglected

While antivirus software enjoyed a golden age a few years ago, many today don’t have one. Sometimes very intrusive and noisy, they no longer have the success they deserve. Because, in terms of security, antiviruses are an essential tool for regularly surfing online without problems. In addition to protecting the network, as a VPN would do, the antivirus can also act on the computer internally and therefore protect it from malware, phishing, or other things that can pass through the meshes of the VPN.

Therefore, the last piece of advice is simple: do not hesitate to combine the protection tools. You can have antivirus and an active VPN to surf the Internet. To further increase your security, you can go through verification platforms to obtain the opinion of professionals who sort and select good deals and sites in the sole interest of Internet users. With these little tips, you can therefore surf without worrying about problems. This is also valid in business. By implementing standardized security programs for everyone and training employees in a site verification protocol, you will be guaranteed optimized online security.

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Which Emails Suffer The Most Cyberattacks Mon, 23 May 2022 05:52:15 +0000 Emails have become the main gateway for cyber attacks on companies. In this post, we review what aspects must be...

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Emails have become the main gateway for cyber attacks on companies. In this post, we review what aspects must be considered when considering investing in email security solutions that, among other capabilities, must report on which emails suffer the most cyberattacks to apply specific and practical measures.

A few years ago, jealous initial secrecy was replaced by a continuous chain of news about companies of all kinds that have suffered cyberattacks. Email is the starting point for many of them, so its protection must be a priority in the corporate cybersecurity strategy. The possibility of accessing grants from the Digital Kit to implement or optimize cybersecurity solutions is an excellent opportunity to deploy tools to protect corporate email.

Main Email Cyberthreats

Cybercriminals discovered long ago that it is easier to target people than systems. Social engineering tests people’s caution when opening email, downloading files, or entering web pages through them. All of them are actions that can camouflage a cyber attack. Identity theft is the origin of the majority. It consists of the user receiving an email from a reliable person or entity and confidently carrying out their proposed actions, mainly making economic transfers.

This is how the cases of so-called CEO fraud arise (a supposed manager who suggests making a payment) and phishing (an email is received with a corporate image very similar to that of a company that is usually contacted in which access is requested. to a website to make a payment). Other times, downloading attachments or simply opening emails launch viruses and malware capable of blocking systems and corporate websites ( DDoS denial of service attacks ) or encrypting critical data. They are the dreaded ransomware that demands a ransom to restore compromised assets.

Basic Solutions To Protect Email

These actions in private emails already cause enough damage, but their impact within a shared and intercommunicated network can be lethal for business continuity. That is why it is essential to deploy cybersecurity solutions for email. Those solutions include both technological tools and a high dose of common sense. For starters, generating solid passwords is critical. In this way, it is difficult to steal these to access contact lists and impersonate identities. In this sense, it is recommended to configure them by mixing numbers, letters, uppercase, lowercase, and symbols.

It is important to frequently change passwords, something that complicates their use and administration. There is the possibility of storing them in a password manager safely and quickly starting the session that is needed. Email security is linked to antivirus, firewall, antispam and antispyware products to prevent and detect threats, but it is highly recommended to complement their potential with email threat simulators. These serve to simulate phishing attacks, audit the network’s state and the products mentioned above, and educate users by putting them to the test.

Block Email Cyberattacks And Prevent Them: What Is Very Attacked People

In addition to the considerations just discussed, the Proofpoint technology we work with at Orbit Consulting Group, as a specialist in email protection solutions, includes VAP (Very Attacked People) tools.

And it is that to prevent, detect and correct the attacks directed at corporate emails, it is necessary first to know which people are the most attacked by email. Knowing which are the most attractive profiles for cybercriminals makes it possible to identify which accounts have the most significant potential risk to act precisely on them, prioritizing mitigation.

Proofpoint is a leading global provider of email security technology. Its VAP solution generates a Personal Risk Index that provides a weighted composite score of all the threats an individual experiences, based on four key factors:

  • Volume
  • Type
  • Targeting level
  • Attacker sophistication

This tool to identify which people suffer the most attacks on their email differentiates Proofpoint from other manufacturers of cybersecurity solutions.

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Solutions To Work In Secure Cloud Environments Fri, 25 Mar 2022 05:16:38 +0000 The appeal of the public Cloud to host IT resources is convincing more and more companies. The flexibility, scalability, and...

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The appeal of the public Cloud to host IT resources is convincing more and more companies. The flexibility, scalability, and control costs it provides are aspects in its favor. But his safety continues to raise many questions. Next, we point out solutions to work in secure cloud environments.

The rush to launch processes, products or services leads many organizations to hire IT architectures and cloud software, whether in IaaS, PaaS or SaaS mode, without designing and planning the migration to the Cloud.

This lack of planning nullifies a good part of the advantages intended to be achieved. It is prevalent to face costly oversizing and a lack of control in managing resources that negatively impact the desired objectives. In addition, the lack of cloud security plans puts the integrity of the data that enters and leaves the Cloud at risk.

Keys To Data Protection And Regulatory Compliance

Protecting corporate data is a critical commitment to ensure that valuable business and customer information does not leave the company and is used responsibly. It is just as essential to prevent it from falling into the hands of the competition or criminals with dark ends, such as complying with general regulations such as GDPR or by sector.

Ensuring high levels of security has a positive impact on the organization’s reputation for its customers and the market in general. These considerations must be present when contracting services and IT resources in the Cloud. The security of the data must be detailed in all the signed agreements. In other words, the contracting party’s responsibility and that of the supplier must be made clear.

And in this relationship, we are not going to fool ourselves. Who has a greater responsibility today is the company that hires. The guarantees of cloud providers are aimed more at the performance and high availability of their assets than at the security of the data itself. So it is the task of the contracting company to ensure that the exact security requirements that are active in its on-premises infrastructure are met in a shared way.

Cloud It Managed Services

Security in the cloud environment is one more piece of the comprehensive cybersecurity plan in every company. Hence, when assessing different cloud resource options, it is necessary to audit compliance with this in the products and services that need to be contracted.

Logically, this is a complex task for those companies that do not have powerful IT human resources. To solve these shortcomings, IT management services to outsource to experienced professionals all operations related to the updating and administering of IT infrastructures, both physical and in the Cloud. Is responsible for finding the best options for IT consumption in the Cloud and adapting them to the needs of each company.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Plan For Hybrid Environments

Prevention is much better than reaction. The deployment of hybrid IT architectures that combine physical assets and the Cloud is the majority trend in companies. To avoid being easy prey for cyberattacks targeting cloud services, it is necessary to implement a bidirectional security strategy between local and Cloud infrastructure that addresses these aspects:

  • Security management related to data (DLP and encryption), compliance with regulations and government (audits and staff training), access (NAC-Network Access Control-, antimalware, identity management and password management) and infrastructure (Endpoint, MDM- Mobile Device Management-, patch management, firewall and gateway).
  • Intelligence and Monitoring solutions for all corporate IT to perform security and anti-hacking analysis; carry out centralized management; support the Security Operations Center (SOC) with SIEM systems for security information and event management, and ensure the proactive management of vulnerabilities proper reporting of incidents.
  • Business continuity supported by Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions.
  • These security solutions comprise a comprehensive on-premises and cloud cybersecurity plan that allows data to enter and leave maximum environmental protection.

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What Are The Functionalities Of A Virtual Private Network Mon, 31 Jan 2022 03:36:44 +0000 The omnipresence of digital technology is a fundamental characteristic of our world today. The possibilities offered by the networks are...

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The omnipresence of digital technology is a fundamental characteristic of our world today. The possibilities offered by the networks are innumerable, and it is a safe bet that they will continue to diversify in the years to come. However, the use of networks also has drawbacks, mainly because of state regulation and the risks of data piracy, for companies, for example. Let’s see how the features of a virtual private network can serve many purposes.

VPN For Virtual Private Network

VPNs, Virtual Private Networks, are tools initially designed to allow remote users and corporate branches to access the parent company’s network, applications, and resources in complete security. The idea here is to circulate the data in secure tunnels and to use authentication methods, such as vouchers or passwords, to allow access to the network only to authorized users.

A virtual private network is created by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection. The tool uses dedicated links, traffic encryption or even virtual tunnelling protocols. Without going into technical details, know that there are many VPNs available today for all kinds of users and objectives. Now let’s see the features of a virtual private network and its applications.

What Are VPNs Used For

A VPN is, first and foremost, a tool for Internet security. Every year, the number of data hacks, identity thefts or extortion attempts on the net increases. By using a VPN, you become invulnerable to attacks. Above all, you can browse the net in complete anonymity, which is undoubtedly one of the essential aspects in a world where privacy is threatened by the digital. Omnipotent. On the other hand, the functionalities of a virtual private network also allow you to enjoy more series and movies in streaming.

Choosing The Right VPN

The functionalities of a virtual network can even be essential to bypass state censorship, as is the case in China or Russia, for example. In this case, the VPN is much more than a comfort tool, but an essential piece of equipment to use networks with peace of mind. Choosing the right VPN is, therefore, applicable. When selecting your virtual private network, there are many criteria to watch out for. Speed ​​is undoubtedly the most important to ensure pleasant use. Also, make sure that the number of simultaneous connections is not limited, that its level of security is high enough or that the applications are easy to use.

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