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What Is NaaS Network As A Service For Multicloud Environments

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The popularization of private and public cloud use in companies to accelerate their digital transition and optimize costs requires a review of networking resources. This post explains NaaS’s network as a service for multi-cloud environments.

Within the proposals to update the corporate IT network, network virtualization and SD-WAN technology have allowed organizations to overcome the problems of complexity, physical limitations, and investment of time and effort that traditional networks demand.

With those two interlinked options, overlaying one or more logically separate networks on top of a single physical network, removing its time/space constraints. Network functions can be applied where and when they are needed. In the case of SD-WAN networks, an intelligent access layer recognizes the needs of each specific resource or service. It automatically routes it (following established rules) to a specific network to guarantee high performance.

NaaS (Network as a Service) is one more step that proposes to take advantage of these new network paradigms by contracting them as services in the cloud through a subscription. Let’s see what it consists of.

Keys To Choosing A NaaS Provider

Within the initiatives to update the network to advance companies’ digitization, the network as a service joins the multiple proposals for cloud infrastructure and software offered by cloud technology providers. The growing interest in this cloud network model is understandable since a good part of its components can already be consumed as a service.

Specifically, NaaS means hiring a service that offers everything you need to deploy a network and manage it; that is, hardware, software, licenses, and support. This package can be joined by its management as an IT-managed service. In addition, NaaS services incorporate cybersecurity solutions in a SASE environment (secure access services).

The success of this type of service depends on the NaaS provider that is selected and how its installation is planned and developed. Some of the issues that must be taken into account when choosing it are:

  • Determine aspects whose measurement will give us the key to its quality. This is the case of bandwidth per user, activity times, the expected performance of applications, etc.
  • Stipulate SLAs that define acceptable downtime.
  • Ensure the frequency with which the resources that make up the network will always be updated to have technology that adapts to IT innovation and business demands.
  • Know the conditions to escalate or reduce the contracted capacities.
  • Know how capabilities and performance will be measured to assess the contracted service.

Benefits Of NaaS Services

The advantages of NaaS services are many. To begin with, the ease with which companies can deploy their network needs without having to make large investments at once or wait long times making and checking configurations. Added to this is that, as we have seen, they are based on virtualization and SD-WAN technologies; that is, they have access to an automated resource that perfectly meets the speed demands of cloud deployments, which is where they are primarily directing their IT resources.

With NaaS, it is easier to use multiple clouds, with the certainty that there is no need to develop specific structures for each of them according to their requirements. In addition, it allows the incorporation of cutting-edge communication technologies such as Wi-Fi6 to achieve high-speed connectivity.

Through a simple browser, it is possible to configure the network and link the desired points (dispersed offices, remote workers.), encrypting the communications between the different local or cloud resources used. You can apply the desired access management policy and receive all kinds of logs and reports on the activity of the network or networks. Its monitoring is continuous, which guarantees its performance and safety.

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