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Why Car Cover Materials Make All The Difference

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Sure, your vehicle is a few tons of steel, aluminum, plastic or carbon fiber. Depending on its condition, it packs plenty of power and structural integrity behind those few thousand pounds. Yet one thing on your vehicle is more delicate than it looks: its finish. UV rays, temperature extremes, weather, careless people, animals, road debris and moisture can play havoc with its paint job. Investing in a high-quality car cover is a wise idea, but which type of cover do you choose? This quick guide to car cover materials can help you better understand your options.

How To Choose The Right Car Cover Material

Most car covers are designed to shield against hazards both outside and inside the cover. One of your biggest worries is UV radiation from the sun’s rays. The damage it can do is two-fold: It converts water in most materials to hydrogen peroxide and breaks down molecular bonds. These chemical processes result in the fading and breakdown of many materials, including rubber in your tires and polyurethane in your vehicle’s exterior paint.

Of course, UV rays aren’t the only hazard. You may think of someone maliciously keying your pride and joy, rocks from the road hitting body panels or even the occasional dog using your wheel well as its personal toilet. But your vehicle also faces damage risks even while it’s garaged. Trapped moisture can lead to rust. Dust particles can wear down or leave minute scratches on your finish. Even the wrong type of car cover can wreak some havoc on the paint. That’s why picking the right cover is essential.

Car covers tend to fall into two different categories: indoor and outdoor. You should think about where you’re storing your vehicle and choose the appropriate cover type. Next, you should think about cover materials. Several kinds are ideal for indoor storage:

  • Customweave: A soft polyester, Spandex and Lycra blend with excellent stretch and shape memory properties
  • Plushweave: Made from 100% cotton and densely woven for added protection
  • Dustop: A flannel-soft multilayer breathable and dust-resistant fabric blend
  • Softweave: A breathable material treated with 3M Scotchguard for light moisture shielding
    For outdoor storage, you’ll need tougher fabrics:
  • Superweave: A lightweight breathable dustproof material that’s UV-, water- and weather-resistant
  • Extremeweave: Ultra-light breathable 150-denier polyester that’s heat-reflective, UV-resistant and water-repellent
  • Multiweave: An economical protective three-layer material that resists dust, UV rays and water
  • NOAH All-Weather Fabric: A thick breathable material designed by Kimberly Clark with high water, dust resistance

Scratch Resistant Car Cover Installation Guide

Scratch-resistant car covers usually have multiple or inner layers that buffet your paint job against scratches, dings and dents. Plushweave sports an ultra-soft flannel lining, making it an exceptional choice scratch protection during indoor storage. NOAH All-Weather covers excel for scratch protecting outdoors, thanks to their thickness and soft paint-protecting inner layer.

When shopping for your new car cover, select a trustworthy dealer with certified secure online shopping and great customer service. From car and tire covers to classic car T-shirts and model engines, a premium car care retailer provides your favorite essentials and extras at competitive prices.

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